Searches to find blogs are always interesting. I’m wondering what this person was looking for.

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Another good night for me in Karazhan. I’m not sure how I feel about getting squishier, but I do like my +healing going up. We went from start through Chess tonight in about four hours, one-shotting every boss. Our opera event was Romulo & Julianne. I went in looking like this:


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This is much later than I’d hoped. I’ve been working on layers of procrastination. I impress myself sometimes.

Due to their incredible versatility, Paladins are one of the most complex classes and there’s a lot to learn about them. As such, I’m going to split my discussion of Paladins into 2 or 3 parts. I may be cruel to Retadins and discuss them with Tankadins.

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Well, I finally got into Kara yesterday. I was supposed to go on Thursday night, but our main tank didn’t show (it was his birthday this week and he drew some serious aggro from friends and family his friends and family took him out around town).

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In Arcatraz, Dalliah the Doomsayer presents a more complex scenario for resto druids than for other healers. Because druid heals are primarily HoTs, taking down Miss Doomsayer becomes slightly more complicated and communication with your group, especially your tank, becomes vital. If you aren’t using vent or the WoW voice chat, you may want to consider creating a macro (provided below).
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Seriously. I’ve been level 70 for 10 days and I’m already Kara keyed. Of course, it’s a little bit self-serving because they need healers for our second group, but regardless they got me through CoT1 and CoT2 tonight and they took me through Shadow Labyrinth last week.

Also, in our runs tonight I won every blue I rolled on (we had no enchanter, and none of the gear was useful to anyone in the group). Which of course means, that I will never get any gear from Kara, since I’ve spent all my good rolls and luck on garbage. /crosses fingers, hoping it wont’ be true

More meaningful posts later, I promise. I’ve got a Tree’s Guide to Dalliah the Doomsayer brewing, and more class posts in the queue.

My favorite class to run with is probably the warlock. They bring cookies and soulstones, as well as some pretty decent crowd control.

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