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Wowhead: A Tutorial

I don’t update for a while and WordPress gets super-weird on me. I guess it’s just another thing to get used to. On to the post. I’ll update about Dru later.
Wowhead is unbelievably helpful. If you don’t think so, you’re doing it wrong. I’m here to help, though. When we’re through, you’ll be a pro. You’ll never have to go into an instance clueless about whether or not there are drops for you. You’ll also have the know-how to find out what dungeons you need to be running to get rid of those Kara drops and move on to the big-boy section of Northrend gear. You can also use wowhead to find out what rep you need to be grinding, and what rep to not bother wasting time with. Trust me. This will save you time. Make smart choices, don’t run dungeons that don’t have drops for you more than once, unless someone else needs to go and you’re feeling generous. And for heaven’s sake, if you’re doing that, wear your rep-appropriate tabard so you can be getting rep while helping people out.

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