I don’t update for a while and WordPress gets super-weird on me. I guess it’s just another thing to get used to. On to the post. I’ll update about Dru later.
Wowhead is unbelievably helpful. If you don’t think so, you’re doing it wrong. I’m here to help, though. When we’re through, you’ll be a pro. You’ll never have to go into an instance clueless about whether or not there are drops for you. You’ll also have the know-how to find out what dungeons you need to be running to get rid of those Kara drops and move on to the big-boy section of Northrend gear. You can also use wowhead to find out what rep you need to be grinding, and what rep to not bother wasting time with. Trust me. This will save you time. Make smart choices, don’t run dungeons that don’t have drops for you more than once, unless someone else needs to go and you’re feeling generous. And for heaven’s sake, if you’re doing that, wear your rep-appropriate tabard so you can be getting rep while helping people out.
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Howdy, everyone. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with finals and papers and getting married, etc. I’m finished all that now, though, so here’s to enjoying the rest of my summer and hopefully posting a little more regularly. At least until school starts again.

I’ll get back to posts I started before my hiatus later, today I’m more interested in what it means to become a better player, and why it’s important to know that you have areas in which you can improve. More importantly, why it’s important that you pursue strengthening your weaknesses, despite possible frustrations, and ask for help from more experienced or knowledgeable guildies or friends.

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I love when I get to write about whatever I feel like. Last week, I wrote a paper for a philosophy class about the tremendous benefits of playing WoW. Here it is. Don’t Plagiarize. Do show it to naysayers.

With over ten million active accounts, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is the most played massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). An MMORPG is a game in which each character can interact with each other character in the online universe. A person, the player, may have many characters; each character is a player’s virtual game-piece with specific abilities and talents based on race, class, and profession. However, World of Warcraft is not simply a mindless video game. World of Warcraft provides a free-market economy which offers a hands-on tool for understanding economic concepts such as the invisible hand, supply and demand, and saving money.
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I had an even better night in Kara than I did last week. It’s costing me a lot in gems and enchants, but it is absolutely worth it. Once again- best guildies ever. We’ve got some people coming up who are fabulous. They’re dedicated players and they pay attention and catch on quick. Our new warrior (who has 5 level 70s and hadn’t really been in a guild before I ran Shadow Lab with him in a PUG and encouraged him to talk to our gm about joining us) got himself both Kara t4 pieces tonight. I rolled against him for the helm, but I’m glad he got it. Our new shammy healer is also pretty great, and very helpful. It was also nice to run again with one of our older members who’s been on less often for a while with RL stuff.

After being wipe-free (aside from a bad trash pull) on Thursday night, and one-shotting every boss until Shade tonight, we had terrible, terrible infernal drops during Prince- which we never have. It was worth it though. Our humble and amusing hunter got Sunfury, our new Shammy got the Jade Ring of the Everliving, and our new warrior got his t4 helm.

I also scrounged together enough badges to get the Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons, which look wicked cool.

What I’m most excited about is my new Be Imba status. Last week, it was telling me I could handle the end of Kara, and I still had some upgrades mid-kara. Today, I’m ready for the beginning of TK and SSC, and I’ve got upgrades in Mag and Gruul’s. I’m certainly not actually ready for TK and SSC, and I’m not even certain that I’m really ready for Mag and Gruul’s, but it’s nice to know that I’ve got the gear to perform well, as long as I’ve got the talent.

Also, Blog question: How can I get thott/wowhead links to show the item specs when you roll over it? I know nothing about CSS and very little about coding and formatting in general. I dabbled in HTML years ago, but have forgotten much of what I had learned.


We’ve been running Kara since January (though not for progression for a while now), and after two and a half hours, we got Nightbane. I had unbelievable luck, and I’ll leave it at that.

Life is unbelievably crazy right now, so I haven’t had as much time to blog as I’d like. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like things will slow down much anytime soon. So meaningful, helpful blog posts will be fewer and farther between.

Well, after a third hack my fiance is quitting World of Warcraft. At very least until he gets a new computer, but probably indefinitely. It’s going to be really weird for me, since Olstumpy was my reliable tank and enchanter. I always sent him my crummy green drops to disenchant. I’m going to miss Debricashi and his PoliceCatHQ in kara.

This brings up another important point: Gold Sellers and Gold buyers are appalling. If you buy gold, you are just as bad as the gold sellers who hack into other player’s accounts. If there were not people buying as much gold as they are, gold sellers would not be hacking into other players’ accounts. Gold sellers are not out there farming gold like anyone seriously working toward their epic flying mount. Gold sellers are making and distributing keyloggers to exploit honest players, stealing all their gold, vendoring all their items, and leaving them naked in the bank. The third time this happened to my fiance, Olstumpy was even moved to another server.

It’s also worth noting that neither Norton 360, AdAware, nor Spybot S&D shows anything suspicious at all.

My poor fiance has had nothing but trouble with WoW since the patch came out. First his game couldn’t be verified after he downloaded the patch and nothing worked (including reformatting both hard drives) until he created a new admin account on windows. Yeah, seriously. It was ridiculous.

Then, last week his account was hacked and his weapons on his 70s were vendored, as well as all his consumables and various other items. Most of his gold was taken, but it looks like they rounded to the nearest ten and left him with around 5-7g on each character. His anti-virus software had stopped functioning, apparently (this may have had something to do with reformatting the hard drive and connecting to the internet before reinstalling the anti-virus software). We uninstalled it (btw, uninstalling Symantec Antivirus manually is extremely time-consuming and tedious.), for some reason remove program didn’t function properly either. In any case, I gave him my shiny Norton 360 and all seemed to be well. The first anti-virus scan we ran seemed to go well, got some stuff out that looked bad and whatnot. After we ran the scan, he changed his password. His preliminary restore gave him all his stuff back, just not his gold. No big deal, gold is not that hard to come by; especially since the new dailies came out. Everything seemed to be going hunky-dory.

I come home today and ask if he got his last Steamvaults run in today (he only has one more before exalted with Cenarion Expedition and can get his Earthwarden). He tells me that he got an e-mail saying that his password was changed. He had not changed his password today. He e-mailed Blizzard about it, saying that this was not an action he had taken. I did a bit of investigating myself, and realized that he can reset his password himself since he created a security question when the account was created. While he’s doing that, I check his armory profiles to see what kind of damage has been done this time and I check our guild bank to make sure it didn’t get ninja’d. His second 70, the druid tank, is naked; wearing only the Argent Dawn trinket. His first 70, the troll hunter, is missing a ring and both trinkets and weapons again. Our guild bank had a bunch of food crap taken out of it, but nothing of much substantial value. We had another officer demote his characters for the time being. When he got back in, he found that this time they left less than a gold on each character and sold all of his bank bags. The GMs have been great with their responses and pretty quick with restoring things. It still really stinks though. So today during dinner I installed Spybot and Ad-Aware on both of our computers and scanned them. Looks like we got the keylogger this time. After both those scans, he changed his password again. Hopefully we’ll not have any more WoW problems for a long, long time.

This time though, there was mail in his mailbox (probably COD) from a character that was clearly in some way related to the hacker.

In conclusion: scan often, change your password often, but change it after scans.

Midterms are next week, so I really don’t have any time for WoW research and dissemination of information. More of that during/after Spring Break (which is naturally later than everyone else’s).